New Home Demonstration & Handover Training
Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to give my staff the product and process knowledge they need to perform well in front of customers
Our courses are designed around your requirements. We will give you and your teams the tools to perform well in front of the customer. We’ll give you the appropriate knowledge needed for demonstrating the products and processes to follow. It’s then up to you to take those tools and keep using them that’s why we believe in regular follow up sessions, one on one sessions where needed to help maintain that knowledge.

2. We think our demonstrations are adequate
As a house builder you get complacent and often think that customers know more than they do or maybe you think don’t even need to know certain things about their new home. Whilst you might not feel talking about the construction of the property is necessary, why not – sell on the features and benefits of it. It’s also about understanding how much information to give the customer so knowing their requirements, their existing knowledge is essential. And keep it jargon free.

3. You won’t tell us anything we don’t already know
We’d be rich if we had a pound for every time this has been said. As one client said, ‘it seems strange to admit this as a builder but I didn’t appreciate there were so many components that required more explanation – our trainer knew each component part of a home in detail and exactly what customers need to know‘.

But even if you do know everything about a new home, it’s about the technique and content of how it’s given to the customer – non technical, jargon free and using the KIS principle.

4. Arranging for staff to take time out to attend when we are busy can be difficult
We appreciate that some days are very busy for sales and others for site, so that’s why we are very flexible in arranging suitable dates and locations with you.

5. Quality of training comes down to the trainer because the trainer can make the difference between a good or bad training day
We absolutely agree. That’s why our style is very relaxed. We don’t put anyone on the spot – if they don’t want to role play then so be it. If they don’t want to interact at all then that is up to them. What we can guarantee is that by the end of the course everyone will be involved and enjoying themselves.

6. Don’t like training sessions where you just sit back and you’re talked to or talked at
Not our style at all. We don’t stand there and preach to you – that’s boring. We want to keep your attention so that’s why we make our courses very interactive and that way it motivates people more and helps them learn more. We don’t rush you either – our time is your time to ask any questions you want. We want to give you as many tips and ideas as we can to help you. Don’t just listen to us, listen to what our delegates say.

7. It could be expensive especially if we don’t learn anything
Yes all training costs money but we guarantee that everyone who attends will learn something. And if you’re not happy with the training, you don’t pay. But what you have to think of is that the training will help with a consistent approach, making sure the customer understands everything about their new home which in turn can lead to less calls into customer service with less queries, so less remedial costs. Isn’t that worth the investment in the training?

8. I want training that is relevant to the jobs my staff do
That’s why we liaise with you before any training takes place to make sure it’s tailored to your exact requirements and the right people. However, people have said in the past ‘why do I need to be on this course, what am I going to gain from it?’ This statement actually came from a customer service manager, who we found out had never been in a new home. Afterwards they realised that they had been taking unnecessary calls about things that should have been covered at the demonstration saving a lot of time and effort and unhappy customers?

9. I didn’t want to come as I’ve too much to do?
Everyone is busy and time very precious but training is vital to ensure we offer customers a premium service. Giving the customer an excellent demonstration and helping them understand about how their home works can save time answering questions after they’ve in from site and unnecessary calls to customer service.

10. I hate role play?
Many people are apprehensive about role playing in front of their peers. If you don’t want to, then we don’t put pressure on you to do so. We want you to enjoy learning with us.

11. I’ve already been on the course before?
Many people do refreshers on a regular basis to ensure that they don’t become complacent. Products and regulations change all the time as well. It’s important that you keep yourself up to date. As one delegate said, ‘I’ve been on the course 4 times now but I still learn something new every time’.

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