Case Study

Waterloo Housing Group

Eileen Page | Housing Officer, and Val Millard | Housing Officer, New Linx Housing Trust (now part of the Waterloo Housing Group)

We were looking forward to the demonstration training in the hope it would give us an insight from the new-build perspective…

…and it didn’t disappoint. We picked up lots of tips and information that we can use when showing a tenant our new properties and it’s given us confidence in how to go about it.

“I’ve put what I’ve learned into practice and it really does work.”Eileen Page

I’ve put what I learned into practice and it really does work
We used to start in the kitchen, but Cary showed us that by beginning in the main bedroom the tenant won’t be distracted by the new kitchen and all the goodies in there. We learned that you can discuss the majority of the property’s features from the bedroom and then you can move through the property, finishing in the kitchen. I’ve put this into practice already and it really does work, so I’ve found this aspect very useful.

The training has given us added confidence
The extra knowledge gained from the training has given us confidence when talking to tenants about certain aspects of the new properties, such as drying out issues and the importance of ventilation. I can see that providing this information to the tenant at the beginning will reduce the number of calls we receive in the future concerning defects.

Cary spoke our language and was very clear and precise
I would recommend In-house’s training for other housing officers. Cary spoke in our language and was very clear and precise. She was also very focussed and if the discussion went off on a tangent was quick to bring it straight back. I felt the course was the right length; not too long or in depth and I liked the hands-on practical nature of the course, using role-play rather than sitting in a classroom, and the fact that it’s carried out in a property really helps.