Case Study

Wain Homes

Sharon Wood | Sales Director, Wain Homes North West

Any company looking to improve and enhance their customer service would be daft not to use In-house

We want to get it right
I want my sales staff and construction teams to be working in such a way that an outsider will think ‘Yes, that’s right. That’s professional. You’re doing that right.’ Training with In-house enables us to deliver that service.

“For us to bring an outside training company in, they have to be good.”Sharon Wood

In-house has an excellent reputation
Customer service is a big issue in this industry and we acknowledge that. Along with customer demonstrations, these are areas we can still improve on. We could do the training ourselves but by using In-house we know it’ll be done properly.

For us to bring an outside training company in, they have to be good
We do very little external training and for us to bring an outside training company in, they have to be good. I had met and worked with Cary Davey when I was with a different company and was impressed with her professionalism and knowledge, gained from years of experience in the business. I convinced the MD that this was a good thing to do and, having seen the results, he is firmly behind it.

The training adapts to our needs
In-house doesn’t try to tell us how to do our job. They listen to what we want, look at how we do things, and ask questions, giving really useful feedback and making suggestions instead of dictating how we should work. We take the best of what In-house brings to us and use that to improve and progress. We’re already a very successful company, and we’re growing. I want to continue using In-house to train our new starters.

You won’t find anyone better
To any company considering using In-house I would say, ‘Don’t just look at what In-house are doing for Wain Homes. Look at some of the other 5-star builders they are working with. If you are looking for top quality training for your staff, you won’t find anyone better.’