Case Study

Taylor Wimpey

Justin Hesketh | Production Director, Taylor Wimpey South East

We realised that to continue improving on our levels of customer service we needed our procedures to be consistent across the region…

…and In-house’s demonstration and handover training allowed us to standardise our approach to the new home demonstration and to communicate to the team all those elements of best practice that the management and In-house have gained over the years.

“Key tips and pointers are a great feature.”Justin Hesketh

Positive feedback from our customers
Following restructuring and staff changes, we were keen to ensure there was a level playing field across the business in terms of the training and the knowledge our staff have. This enables them to follow the procedures we have set out to the extent that no matter what site a customer is on, the experience is the same. Our sales teams are already very good at re-enforcing the benefits of our product to a purchaser, and the construction teams offer a more technical approach, and by encouraging teamwork through the training we can offer an even better service and have found this has led to positive feedback from our customers. We are keen to continue making these improvements and aiming for the high percentages in terms of customer satisfaction scores.

Key tips and pointers are a great feature
The key tips and pointers are a particularly good feature of the training course. They help our staff demonstrate to purchasers how to maintain their new home properly, but we’ve also found that it has helped our after sales customer service department by increasing their knowledge and enabling them to ask the right questions before sending somebody out on site to fix a problem. Sometimes a reminder of the maintenance requirements is all that’s needed for the customer to fix the problem quickly and simply over the telephone and this also works out to be more cost efficient for the company.

I would recommend In-house without hesitation
I would have no hesitation in recommending In-house. I have used them in the past and so have some of our other regions and the feedback from our employees after the training was very positive. I think the demonstration and handover training is one of the better courses our staff have attended and because they’ve got a lot out of it, we benefit from that as a company. I’d have no hesitation in using In-house again.

Laura Bellamy | Sales Manager, Taylor Wimpey South West Thames

I thought the course would cover a lot of things we already knew…

…but I was wrong; the content was brilliant. Everybody I’ve spoken to says it was really worthwhile and it should have been done before now.

“The content was brilliant.”Laura Bellamy

Cary was an excellent trainer – she knew everything about the house
Cary was an excellent trainer and was very in touch with what we needed to know; she knew everything about the house. The production managers, who have been in the industry a long time, found that Cary was more knowledgeable than them on some things and the Sales Executives are now going to be able use their knowledge to play a much fuller part in the demonstrations.

All house builders should do it
I would definitely recommend this course, it’s really beneficial. I think all house builders should do it and I would recommend it to all of our regions too.”