Case Study

St Modwen

Matt Cadwallader | Formerly Customer Care Manager, St Modwen Homes

Demonstration training delivered in such a simple way it is suitable for all levels of staff…

…Cary delivered the training to some of our sales negotiators and admin team, as well as the Managing and Construction Directors. It was clear that the information had been really well received because everyone took from it exactly what they needed.

“We were so pleased with the results.”Matt Cadwallader

I had concerns that we weren’t going into enough detail with our customers
The customers were getting a great overview but we needed to focus on the finer detail of very important aspects such as shrinkage and paint. I have witnessed how we do our demonstrations now, following the training from In-house, and I am really pleased with the results. We are now able to offer our customers the full two hour session they would expect.

I would definitely recommend In-house
I am really pleased with the training that In-house provide. I have attended this course during my time in a previous company and so I knew Cary was the right person for the job, I found the refresher this time around really useful too. We have two more demonstration training courses booked for October, as well as the advanced training we plan to have in December for senior site managers and sales negotiators. We are really looking forward to our knowledge being tested to the limit by Cary during our advanced training session.