Case Study


Denis Maddock | Sales and Marketing Director, Seddon Homes

The best thing about working with In-house is that they are flexible, relaxed, professional and knowledgeable.

I could tell that Cary was knowledgeable from the comments coming from the build team
But they were surprised at the depth of her knowledge. She was very good at holding the room together, keeping their attention and dealing with a group of people, some of which may not have started the day being wholly receptive.

“The workshop highlighted what was important and worth spending time on.”Denis Maddock

She highlighted things to the build team that they weren’t aware of when they’d been building houses for years, for example, the double click system on the bathroom tap for water saving. She was an excellent instructor and a nice lady.

The workshop highlighted what was important and worth spending time on
We can now ensure that our customers get the important information about the products in their new home and how to get the best out of their property.

The training was very good. It highlighted a lot of areas we probably knew about, but perhaps didn’t realise the importance of in the customer’s eyes, for instance, demonstrating self-cleaning windows in the bedrooms. Coming out of it, the post build and customer care teams have a different perspective of expectations and requirements they didn’t recognise. They now realise the importance to the customer of the small details that perhaps we previously took for granted.

We would recommend In-house Research and Training
We felt they provided a stimulus to our business and they gave our customer care and build teams a fresh injection of knowledge and focus on the job at hand.