Case Study

Robertson Homes

John Murphy | Managing Director, Robertson Homes Ltd

I thought In-house’s Demonstration training would be good because we already use them for market research…

…but it really surpassed my expectations. It was absolutely excellent; exceptionally well presented.

“Consistent, knowledgeable, professional and ‘hands on’ demo training.”John Murphy

Consistent, professional and knowledgeable training
Everyone found the training informative, from the Customer Care Manager to the design team. We split the training into two sessions and Cary’s presentation, knowledge and actual ‘demo’ of the demonstration was consistent throughout. She was very professional and had that consistency of style that is crucial when dealing with customers. You have to offer the same service, regardless of who walks through the door.

Cary was good at picking out the positives and suggesting areas for improvements, as well as alerting us to the things not to do. She also helped us with putting across technical information in a customer-friendly way.

‘Hands-on’ training where everyone gets involved
The great thing was that everyone took part, even those who wouldn’t normally be customer facing. The office team don’t often have the chance to present and they really enjoyed it. In fact, everyone got something from the day. Our Customer Care Manager found it very beneficial as she could offer her insight. Our design team found it incredibly informative as well. I think they were surprised by just how well informed our customers are when it comes to product knowledge and the detailed questions they ask.

The proof is in the pudding… we’re coming back for more!
We were so pleased with how the sessions went that we’ve asked In-house back to deliver their Handover training. We’re keen to improve our service, and whilst I don’t want to inundate our team, it’s something I believe will be really worthwhile. And I’m not alone. When we said to the team that we’d organised further training they were delighted. All our team are up for it, which is an unexpected bonus.