Case Study


Keith Collard | Construction Director, Redrow Homes Lancashire

I wanted training that was going to be fulfilling for my team and that would tick all the boxes…

…and In-house’s Demonstration and Handover training didn’t just succeed at doing this; it surpassed my expectations.

“Not just another training course, it’s the real deal!”Keith Collard

The training helped open up the knowledge of the team
I’m always asking questions as to how to improve things. The training opened a lot of doors. It set me off thinking about how we can improve what we do already without adding to people’s workload. It opened up the knowledge of the team and really got us thinking. Experience is great, but even for experienced staff; I believe they can learn lots from a training session such as this.

You really see things from the customer’s perspective
Cary made it very simple, but she went into a lot of depth. Sometimes when you go in deep you lose people, but I was never lost once. There were things that could have been very difficult that Cary made look easy. She helped remove barriers and got us to see things even more from a customer’s perspective than we had already. She got us going in a different direction and helped us understand how it’s all about removing barriers before the demonstrations and handovers take place. In some ways it was so simple, but Cary opened all these avenues about how you can go about achieving increased customer satisfaction.

It’s a great opportunity for team building as well
Cary really brought out people and bonded with everyone in the room. There was lots of interaction, especially during her presentation. In fact, her presentation skills were top class; you felt you weren’t being preached at. Having that kind of interaction ensured the course became a team-building exercise, which is ideally what you want from training.

It’s not just another training course; it’s the real deal
The course material was superb and filled with genuine stuff. In fact, fundamentally that’s why the course was so good, because of the quality of its content. It was a really fulfilling session. I was still as interested at the end of the day as I had been at the beginning and it’s not often you can say that of a training course!

I would recommend In-house’s Demonstration and Handover training; in fact I already have…
I have recommended to the Board that we roll out the Demonstration and Handover training across the Group. It’s because of the quality and content of the training. It was just superb, so fulfilling, which is why I have recommended it.

Alex R. | Sales Consultant, Redrow Homes

In-house’s home demonstration and handover training was well-structured, well put together and contained a lot of product knowledge to improve your own skills…

“A factually very interesting and very useful course.”Alex R.

The best bit was making sure we knew what to cover and how to demonstrate
I thought you’d start on the bottom floor, but Cary explained why it was important to start at the top and work your way around. It was interesting to see, as you can highlight a lot of pluses to get the customer interested right from the beginning.

A factually very interesting and very useful course
There was a lot of product knowledge on the course, as we learnt how to collate and take things on board to explain to our customers. Our site managers normally do the demonstrations, but when they’re on holiday it’s great to know we can back them up with what we’ve learnt when they aren’t available.

I would definitely recommend In-house’s home demonstration & handover course…
…Because the day was very well structured, I was really impressed with Cary’s product knowledge and it was great to be shown the best ways of highlighting things throughout the home. The role plays we did were really useful and they got everyone involved throughout the day.