Case Study

Peveril Homes

Angela Thomas | Formerly Head of Sales & Marketing, Peveril Homes

In-house’s home demonstration and handover training was better than any training course we’ve had before…

I didn’t have any concerns about what the course would be like
The training covered exactly what we wanted and more. It was more in-depth than I thought it would be and Cary was able to give us the best advice on how to go about giving the best demonstrations.

“Cary gave us fantastic advice and she knew more about the specifics than we did.”Angela Thomas

The training made us realise we could enhance certain things we were doing
Having the training showed us where we could develop our procedures. For example, where to commence the demonstration. We’d always started in the kitchen and thought that was the best place, but Cary said it would be better to start in the main bedroom and work down, which is something we had never even thought of.

Cary gave us some fantastic advice and she knew more about the specifics than we did
Cary was able to demonstrate everything in the property to us and it was so thorough. It was better than anything we’ve ever seen before and the whole course was just outstanding. She even knew more on the heating programmers than we did. The feedback I’ve received has only been positive.

I would definitely recommend In-house’s home demonstration and handover training…
…Because we are like any other developer and want things to be site specific, and this course provides you with everything you need to know in the same format to give the best demonstrations.