Case Study

Muir Construction

Dianne Wyse | Quality, Safety & Training Co-ordinator, Muir Construction Ltd

Before the Demonstration training I was very unsure as to what to expect. I don’t work in Sales so I didn’t know what the home demonstration would entail…

…and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I had never realised before how much detail was involved in giving a demo.

“The demo training challenged my expectations.”Dianne Wyse

Challenging expectations
I thought we would spend most of our time in the kitchen, but in fact 80% of the time was spent in the main bedroom. That was where the main factors were. I was completely surprised by that. It challenged my expectations, but in a good way.

Useful techniques without being overly technical
The best bit about the training was the reassurance that you can carry out a demonstration without being too technical. The techniques Cary showed us were excellent. Cary asked one of our site managers to demonstrate an aspect of the home. He went into quite a lot of technical detail about its construction. Cary then showed another way of demonstrating it, without going into so much detail. She demonstrated what you need to do.

Friendly, informative advice
Cary delivered the training very well, which is all the more impressive given that she was carrying out two long sessions that day. The training was very, very informative. Cary gave a quick response to questions and had very good advice on things like shrinkages, heating systems and things.

I would definitely recommend the Demonstration course to others
It was carried out very effectively and very efficiently. It was value for money as well. That’s why I’d recommend it, particularly to others, like me, who don’t necessarily carry out demonstrations each day, but have to be able to provide the programme and guidance to other members of staff.