Case Study

Mount Anvil

Becky Hickmott | Formerly After-sales Consultant, Mount Anvil

I was completely new to the role; and whilst I’d been given some training…

… it wasn’t until I met Cary from In-house that it all came together. The training is the foundation for what I do. Even now that I’ve got more experience I still refer to my notes from time to time and the little booklet that comes with the course.

“In-depth and insightful training; that’s In-house.”Becky Hickmott

In-depth and insightful training; that’s In-house
The training gave me more in-depth things to consider, such as how to make things exciting and engaging for the customers. Instead of it being like, ‘Here’s your heating system’ and just pointing it out, Cary taught me to tell the customer something about the product, demonstrate it and then get the customer to demonstrate it back to you. That was a totally new thing for me and a great way to get the customer involved.

Loads of ideas to take home – literally
Cary gave me loads of ideas for what we could do on our completion tours to make it unique for our customers, really nice little touches such as giving them the keys so that they’re the first to open their new home. She also reminded me that customers wouldn’t be wowed by an apartment being clean; they’d expect it to be that way, which is so obvious when you think about it, but something I hadn’t really considered before.

Not death by PowerPoint
The best bit about working with In-house was that it was one-on-one training, just me and Cary sat in the office rather than a formal classroom. I could talk about what I was doing and Cary would say, ‘Yes, that’s great, but what about this?’ Having a chat about what worked best was really nice and meant that I could avail of her expertise.

Confidence to go it alone
Cary’s training really gave me confidence. I stick to what I learned, but at the same time each demonstration and completion tour will be different. You have to make it unique for each person.

I would definitely recommend In-house
I would definitely recommend In-house’s New Home Demonstration and Handover training because it’s really informative. It covers a lot, is very in-depth and best of all, it’s tailored to your needs. That’s why I would recommend.