Case Study


Helen Barnsley | Customer Care Manager, Lovell Midlands

I have been carrying out home demonstrations for a long time but I still learnt a great deal on the excellent demonstration and handover training course…

…our trainer Cary was both reassuring and approachable and her knowledge and training style captured everyone’s attention. Cary gave us tips and ideas on how to polish our demonstrations and suggested things we could add in order to improve them.

“Practical demo/handover training I learned a great deal from.”Helen Barnsley

Constructive feedback
The course was very hands-on, but the best aspect for me was that Cary took us around the property and asked each of us to do a section of the home demonstration and then followed up with constructive feedback. The handouts were also very informative and succinct.

The company will benefit
I believe the company will benefit because we had a range of employees taking part; they have all learned what is involved in doing the home demonstration and how long it takes. I feel reassured that if ever I’m unavailable to go to a home demonstration, other staff have been trained to take over and have all the information that they need.

All in all, fantastic!
I would definitely recommend In-house to any company that does home demonstrations. They are very good at what they do. All in all, fantastic! And ten of out ten for Cary, she was brilliant!