Case Study

Cala Homes

Brenda Gilmartin | Head of Customer Service, CALA Homes (East) Ltd

We wanted a consistent approach for our demonstrations because some of our teams were doing one thing and some another…

…but because In-house deals with so many developers, they were the right people to approach. We knew they would have all the knowledge and wealth of experience that we needed.

“Our demo scores have increased since the training.”Brenda Gilmartin

We now have a consistent structure and take control of our demonstrations
We now have a consistent structure and are able to control the demonstrations without the customer wandering off. We can get their attention right at the beginning and talk about key things such as shrinkage and drying out.

Our staff are confident and proud of the product they are demonstrating
Some of our site and sales teams have been in the industry over 30 years and still learnt new things and better ways of giving information to the customer so that they would understand it. It’s also boosted their confidence levels when interacting with customers and made them feel more proud of the product they are demonstrating. Customers are now amazed at the amount of detail we go into during the demonstration and love it.

Customers say it’s informative and our scores have increased
Our scores for demonstrations have increased steadily over the last few years as a result of the training and using a consistent approach. Customers say it’s informative. They know how to operate things in their new home.

I’d definitely recommend this training
It’s been a major plus for us.

Alison Deakin | Sales and Marketing Director, CALA Homes (South)

The important thing to note about In-house’s demonstration training is that it is very thorough and very detailed…

…they are incredibly experienced in the industry in terms of training and customer satisfaction surveys and I would say they’re probably one of the best well known for this type of training.

“Delivered to a very high standard.”Alison Deakin

The training provides confidence and a structure to the demonstration
The demonstration training has given the site and the sales team more confidence when looking after clients and it has also given them a proper routine and a structure for the home demonstration which allows them to remain in control. I think this combination results in a better demonstration for the client and a huge benefit of that for us is getting good results in our customer satisfaction surveys.

Improved home demonstrations help with aftercare

Another important point is that showing the client how to make their house function properly helps with the aftercare. If they know how to control the heating and the cooker, for example, they are less likely to call for assistance believing there is a fault when it’s simply a case of not fully understanding how something works. This is a better situation for us and for the client.

In-house’s own high standards of customer service are reflected in the training they deliver
The fact that In-house have high standards of customer service within their own business means that the training they are able to deliver is also of a very high standard, so I would certainly recommend them.

Darren Wright | Director of Construction & Customer Services, CALA Homes Midlands

It was a challenge to get all the members of various teams together at the same time for training…

…but we managed it by organising staggered sessions and it was certainly worth the effort. Cary’s style of presentation opened up lots of areas for discussion and debate which we found really useful. In addition, Cary followed this up after the training by forwarding additional information to me that we’ll be able to roll out to enhance our procedures.

“Our demos are detailed, clearer and more consistent now.”Darren Wright

We now deliver clearer and more consistent demonstrations
The training showed us different ways of putting things across to customers and this has helped us to deliver the demonstrations more clearly and more consistently. It’s vitally important that we are consistent in communicating our message across all sites and I think it also gives our staff more confidence when carrying out the demonstrations.

Seeing things from the customer’s point of view ensures details are not overlooked
Cary talked about the importance of looking at things from our customer’s point of view and this has helped to ensure that we cover details that might otherwise have been overlooked. It’s all too easy to take things for granted because we’re so familiar with our own product, the construction and the external materials for example, and we need to remember that the customers don’t have that same knowledge.

The training contributes to overall customer satisfaction
I would recommend In-house’s Demonstration training because it contributes towards overall satisfaction in the whole of the customer’s journey. Anything we can do to enhance customer satisfaction has got to be a benefit.