Case Study

Bovis Homes

Anne Wicklow | Formerly Area Sales Director, Bovis Homes Central

I don’t like training sessions where you just sit back and you’re talked to or talked at …

…but Cary’s style of training is very interactive and she doesn’t just stand up and talk, she gets everyone involved, and that’s a really good way to learn. Also, we weren’t rushed, there was time to ask questions and go over anything we weren’t sure of.

“Gets everyone involved which is a really good way to learn.”Anne Wicklow

In-house really understand the business that we’re in
Bringing an outside agency in to carry out training can be an issue but that isn’t the case with In-house because they really understand the business that we’re in and the way we work.

The training has delivered a consistency to our demonstrations
I was also concerned that we didn’t have consistency throughout the business as to how we were demonstrating our properties; and that was causing problems, but now we all have the same understanding and we’ll be able to use what we have learned and have consistency in our demonstrations which is a real benefit.

I would definitely recommend In-house’s training because it’s exactly what the business needs and I would be happy to go back on the course myself when I wanted a refresher.

Roger Bebbington | Associate Director Customer Care, Bovis Homes Central Region

The biggest concern I had about the demonstration/handover training was the expense, in case we didn’t learn anything new from it…

…but I needn’t have worried because the training was well worth it and the important thing is we gained knowledge that we didn’t have before and we can take that away and install it in our teams.

“The training will benefit the company.”Roger Bebbington

Our customers will benefit
The training will benefit the company and ultimately the customers because we’ll be able to carry out quality demonstrations and handovers for them.

Hands-on training
Cary made the course fun and hands-on which is important because I feel you learn more from that than just sitting and listening.

I would recommend In-house
I would recommend In-house; the training was very good. They obviously know the product and know what they’re doing. They take the time to answer your questions and before they leave they make sure you’ve got a full understanding. Cary also provided us with further ideas that we could take away to expand on.