Case Study

Berkeley Homes

Hannah Watt | Head of Customer Service, Berkeley Homes Eastern Counties

The Home Demonstration course helps us deliver consistency…

We have teams who are responsible for different parts of the customer journey and I wanted to book this course because it was a good opportunity to get them all together so that they could understand about each other’s role. It’s important that both the customer relations managers and customer service managers are consistent and all sing from the same hymn sheet so to speak. The home demonstration training is an ideal environment for this and Cary was very thorough going through the home demonstration and prompting discussion points throughout.

“Attention to detail pays off and instils confidence”Hannah Watt

This course helped our team understand the customer journey
This course benefits office based staff just as much as it does those who actually undertake the demonstrations. Our office based coordinators found it really useful, as it’s a practical demonstration that brings it to life; everyone can understand what is involved in the customer journey.

Attention to detail pays off and instils confidence
Cary goes through everything really, through the whole house. You don’t realise how many components there are that need explaining. So the attention to detail was definitely one of the positives for me. And we are making use of the proficiency gained on the course in what we can tell our customers. For example, the heating system, if there is something that isn’t understood or an error; our coordinators now have more confidence to explain things like this since attending the home demonstration course. It’s a great course and I would recommend it.