Case Study


Andy Backhouse | Divisional Construction Director, Bellway Homes Wales

Having attended Cary’s Demonstration and Handover training course previously I knew our front line staff would benefit from it and so we embraced it positively…

…and since the training everybody is far more confident in the way they deal with customers. In addition we have seen an increase in our customer satisfaction results.

“We’ve seen our demo scores increase.”Andy Backhouse

Training on-site in a completed property is very effective
I like the practical element of Cary’s training because we got everyone together on-site within a finished property. Had the training taken place in an office environment it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as effective.

The course inspired staff to refresh their product knowledge
Another benefit for Bellway has been that post training many of our staff realised that to deliver the highest level of demonstration and handover they needed to refresh their knowledge of our product and subsequently they have gone away and carried out a lot more background work. This has given them extra confidence when showing customers their new home.

Cary delivers a fantastic training session
I would recommend In-house without hesitation. Cary delivers a fantastic training session and it’s certainly something we’ll revisit more often in the future.

David Campbell-Kelly | Managing Director, Bellway Homes West Midlands

We have site managers with 25 years’ experience who didn’t think they needed Demonstration training…

…but even they were surprised at what came out of the day when Cary delivered In-house’s Demonstration training.

“We can deliver demonstrations with confidence and consistency.”David Campbell-Kelly

Consistent demonstrations delivered with confidence
The training will allow our sales and construction staff to deliver demonstrations with confidence and consistency. Cary talked in a simple language that anybody can comprehend and we have learned from that and will use it to help our customers to understand the product they’re buying and its benefits.

Presented with confidence and backed up with vast product knowledge
Cary delivered the course very confidently; it’s obvious she has vast knowledge on the subject. I’ve been employed in house building for many years and she certainly highlighted things that I hadn’t appreciated before. I had heard good reports about the training beforehand and after attending the course I agree that it is extremely worthwhile and would have no hesitation in recommending In-house’s Demonstration training.

Don Anderson | Formerly Construction Director, Bellway Homes North East

From time to time you’ll get a trainer who’s a very good presenter, but it’s obvious they don’t really know the product…

…but when we ran In-house’s Demonstration and Handover training, our site managers immediately realised that Cary knows what she’s talking about. She had a good rapport with them straightaway.

“Cary’s product knowledge is really impressive.”Don Anderson

Really worthwhile refresher training
We ran the training as a refresher for our site managers and found it really worthwhile. They all know their jobs inside out and are very good at them but because they are so specialist at what they do they can sometimes over emphasize on what information the customer really needs to know. Cary highlighted the fact that sometimes ‘less is more’. So rather than going into the detailed workings of the boiler the client just wants to know, in layman’s terms, how to turn it on and off.

Simpler demonstrations save time and this benefits us and the customer
The simplicity of the training is one of its best features. Cary showed that you could do 80% of the demonstration in one room; you don’t have to trail around the whole house explaining how every room works because many of them will be the same as the one before. We’ve found that this decreases the time we spend on demonstrations which is beneficial for us and for the client.

Cary’s product knowledge is impressive – ten out of ten!
I’ve known Cary and many of the In-house team for a number of years and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. By using what we’ve learned to build better relationships with our customers we hope to improve on our customer satisfaction results. Cary’s product knowledge is really impressive; she’s obviously done her research and knows it inside out. Ten out of ten!

Jenny Bell | Divisional Sales Manager, Bellway North West

Arranging for staff to take time out to attend a training course when we’re so busy is always problematic…

…but we found the demonstration and handover training was worthwhile in terms of the additional knowledge it gave the sales advisors about the product they’re selling. And in terms of the site managers, who carry out our demonstrations, it’s important that we are doing a professional demonstration and handover and therefore delivering a great customer experience.

“Very visual, hands-on and relaxed.”Jenny Bell

I often think courses are going to be tedious but the feedback from this course was that it was a good day and those who attended got a lot out of it. The course was very visual and hands-on, and, because it was held on-site in a stock plot rather than in a classroom environment, this made all the difference.

I would definitely recommend In-house
The quality of any training experience comes down to the trainer because the trainer can make the difference between a good training day and a bad one and the reason we had such positive feedback comes down to Cary doing such a good job. Her style is very relaxed; she didn’t put anyone on the spot and she is obviously very knowledgeable.

Rob Sapsford | Construction Director, Bellway North London (formerly South East)

“Not many companies offer what In-house can.”Rob Sapsford

I had no concerns working with In-house because not many companies offer what they do when it comes to home demonstration training…

The role play shows you how to demonstrate to customers
The best bit of the training was seeing Cary demonstrate things to us, because she covered sections to help us show our customers how to maintain their property. This means that we save time by knowing what we demonstrate to our customers. Cary has a lot of knowledge and experience, which helped us further achieve our aims on the course.

I’d definitely recommend In-house’s home demonstration & handover training…
…because it’s important for us to know how to demonstrate our homes properly, and not many companies offer what In-house can.