Case Study

Barratt Development

Jane O’Coy | PA to Managing Director, Barratt Homes & David Wilson Homes Mercia

The site and sales teams completely engaged with In-house’s Demonstration Training…

…Cary did an excellent job with delivering the training and was able to engage with all different people and personalities. The site managers took away a lot of useful information and I hear they are enjoying putting it all into practice.

Being trained by experts is invaluable
In-house are renowned for what they do and they are an established brand, this fills you with confidence as you know they will do a great job. There are plenty of training courses out there for dealing with customers but as a house-builder you really need training specifically tailored to the industry; In-house have that knowledge and expertise. I have worked with In-house previously and I know they have an excellent reputation; they are professional and they know what they are doing.

“Being trained by experts is invaluable.”Jane O’Coy

The training has freed up some time for our site managers
All of the team who attended the demonstration course said it has opened up their eyes in how they deal with customers. For the sales team it has given them a lot more knowledge and therefore confidence with the construction of the build and this means they can stand alone more, they don’t need the site managers so much. This is great as it frees up time for everyone and makes the site much more efficient.

I would definitely recommend In-house
It was very easy dealing with Cary whilst arranging the demonstration training; she was very professional and efficient with her communication. The feedback I have had from those who attended the course was that Cary was knowledgeable, professional and engaging. It seems the training was really well received.

Debbie Matthews | Sales Advisor, Barratt Homes Northampton

This wasn’t my first home demonstration course, as I’ve done the training before and I wanted to do a refresher to get the basics right…

Better than the first time I did the training
I knew a little bit beforehand about what to expect and what would be shown, but this time Cary’s explanations were much clearer and precise. For example, with regards to the heating controls, she described the ‘how to’ elements very well and I was able to grasp the basics I needed to know about working the system.

“It was brilliant and the course lasted the right amount of time.”Debbie Matthews

Cary is a very good trainer and she got everyone involved
I found the refresher course well worthwhile doing. It was brilliant and the course lasted for the right amount of time. Cary created a well relaxed atmosphere, which allowed her to give us the information we needed to explain things in the best way to our customers. We learnt the customer may forget things if we used too much jargon, so we’ve now put this into context and give them the basics they need to know.

The booklets have given us the confidence to explain and understand things a lot better
Cary handed out some booklets, which we’re now using to explain things to our customers in an easy and precise way. They give you enough information about the products to stop you from getting lost if you’re talking to a customer, and we’re finding it a lot easier to pass on the information this way.

I would definitely recommend In-house’s home demonstration & handover course…
…Because it covered everything we needed to know, the timing of the course was just right and it has given the sales team confidence to perform demonstrations if the site manager isn’t available.

Sharon Fleming | Support Trainer, Barratt Homes & David Wilson Homes Exeter

If all your training is to the standard shown by your trainer Sam O’Neill, I won’t hesitate to recommend In-house to anyone.

In-house came highly recommended to us by our other divisions
We approached In-house because you came highly recommended by our other divisions and by our senior construction manager who had been on one of your courses.

The training was interactive, warm, relaxed and focussed on us
What I liked most, right from the start, was that Sam wanted this to be an interactive training course. Her approach was very warm and welcoming and she created a very relaxed atmosphere. It wasn’t about her. It was about what we wanted to get out of the day.

“The training was interactive, warm, relaxed and focussed on us.”Sharon Fleming

Really good product knowledge and training skills
Sam had a really good knowledge of our products and a clear idea of what she had come here to do. She knew what she wanted to achieve, and she achieved it. The planning and preparation she had done beforehand was second to none.

Everyone was buzzing and excited when they left
Sam didn’t rush and kept it simple, using layman’s terms that our customers would understand. At the same time, she put the ‘Wow’ factor back into the process for the site staff. Everyone was buzzing and excited when they left. The training handouts she gave us to take away were very popular and are proving extremely useful.

I would highly recommend In-house and especially your trainer, Sam O’Neill
She was so professional, confident and pleasant, and she sang out of our hymn book. She was an excellent listener and paid attention to what the site agents said. She wasn’t afraid to correct their approach where necessary and was able to answer their objections effectively.