Case Study

Avant Homes

Euan Batten | Formerly Group Learning and Development Manager, Avant Group Holdings Limited

We were launching a new product and spec line and hadn’t done anything for our construction teams on what that meant or how to demonstrate it…

…which is why we chose In-house to deliver the training. After all, they’re industry leaders in what they do.

“The learning doesn’t end once the training finishes.”Euan Batten

They ask all the right questions
Cary was very good at getting in touch and speaking to us about what we wanted to get across, what approach we were looking for, the documentation required, the different house types etc. We had lots of conversations up front to ensure that we were on the right lines and all in the same place. Cary was good at giving a steer as to content, offering her own thoughts and guidance based on her experience. We were therefore comfortable and happy to use an external training company to ensure that internal messages were being delivered.

It’s as if the customer’s in the room
We’ve worked with In-house for a number of years and use them already to do customer surveys, so we knew that they’re good at both qualitative and quantitative feedback. They bring that feedback straight back into the room. That is extremely valuable. It doesn’t get any better than that.

The learning doesn’t end once the training session finishes
Afterwards Cary sat down with our Chief Operations Officer and Group Marketing Director to speak about the things that she’d picked up from the staff. It was good to get that feedback from the teams. It brings the whole thing full circle and helps us to learn about what it’s really like on site.

In-house really work with you to achieve results
We’re very happy to continue our relationship with In-house. We appreciate working with Cary. It’s nice to get more than what you pay for. In-house show engagement in the business and what you’re trying to achieve. That helps, especially when you’re going through a period of change and aiming to become one of the top builders in the country. It’s nice to have the experience of the guys at In-house to help on the journey.

I would recommend this course, no question
For the quality of the training and the professionalism of the trainer alone I would recommend the course. Also, for everyone to get the same message, not just sales advisors but the construction teams as well, was a massive positive. That was our objective in getting the training. We knew what to expect and we got what we expected. That’s why I’d recommend this course.