Case Study


Hayley Morgan | Assistant Director Quality & Research, A2Dominion

In the past I don’t think we always appreciated how valuable it is to spend time carrying out one to one demonstrations for our customers…

…since In-house’s Demonstration training, our sales team have spent time with each purchaser going through everything in their new home in much greater detail. The result is that it saves time later because they are no longer receiving calls from customers who don’t understand how something works. We are also hoping this will result in greater customer satisfaction.

“The role-playing aspect of the training was beneficial.”Hayley Morgan

In-house were recommended to us
We didn’t have any concerns about asking In-house to carry out the training for us because I’d had positive feedback from our office in the South region. They had been working with In-house for quite a while and recommended that we work with them on our customer satisfaction monitoring. So I wanted to be sure that once we started the customer satisfaction monitoring we also had demonstration training in place for the sales team so we didn’t fall down in that area.

Positive feedback from the sales team; they feel more confident and professional
I would recommend In-house’s Demonstration training because I’ve had positive feedback from all of the sales team. From the Sales Manager’s point of view the role-playing aspect of the training was beneficial because she could see how each member of her team was performing and identify any future training needs. And the remainder of the team have benefitted because they feel more confident and professional when they’re demonstrating our properties to our customers.